Making contact at an event

Jun 2, 2021 | Acquisition & Sales

You went to a big event to find business clients or partners. And then… nothing happens!

the course of the event, you manage to talk to two or three different companies. They seem very interested, but nothing happens afterwards. Or maybe a first phone call takes place after the event, but then the contact falls asleep or a scheduled meeting is postponed again and again. You are frustrated, prefer to devote yourself to your core business again and ask yourself whether this was the right event or whether acquisition is not a big waste of time?

Foto: Axel Öland, aufgenommen im Impact Hub

The good news is: acquisition can be more successful, more joyful, more sustainable and more efficient, and you can learn how to do it! Rest assured: the event was probably the right one, your idea, your product or your company are at least as right, only the preparation or approach was not quite optimal.

Erzähle mir, wir Du vorgegangen bist. (Wie) hattest Du Dich auf den Event vorbereitet? Wie bist Du vor Ort vorgegangen? Was hast Du zur Nachbereitung getan? Poste einen Kommentar oder schreibe mir eine email. Gerne kannst Du auch hier ein kostenloses und unverbindliches persönliches Gespräch mit mir vereinbaren.

Good preparation is always important. Preparation is 80% of success, and this is also true in the social business environment. Preparation for the (possible) participants you could meet there, for their companies and how to appraoch them. Preparation and practice of your elevator pitch and some important questions your should ask.

Get the free checklist for preparing your acquisition talks at an event here.

By the way: the follow-up, the keeping in touch, is also important. But here we are already in the middle of the process of your acquisition for the good cause… More? Soon!

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Andrea Mörike is a bundle of energy and burns for social innovations. In her IT past she used unethical manipulation tricks in sales and felt very far away from her vision of a more sustainable economy, society and environment. Today, she is part of the sustainability movement and the ethical marketing movement, sharing her experience & expertise through coaching and training. She helps impact companies to increase their income and impact without feeling bad, because sales and acquisition can be done differently: ethically and sustainably!

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