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Because here it is getting concrete, intensive, and very specific about your Sales4Good!

On the following pages I have described a complete implementation program as well as individual coaching packages.

Without knowing your business in detail, I recommend the Sales4Good Implementation Program designed especially for social enterprises, impact business and #Changemakers. It gives you the foundation for Ethical Sales & ethical acquisition: Whether you want to win new business clients, a foundation for a project or a company for a partnership – the procedure does not differ significantly. If you are not sure whether the program is right for you, we can find out in a personal orientation meeting.

You are not sure yet?

Arrange an orientation meeting with me so that we can find out together whether the programme can help you in your current situation

Why do I recommend the complete program first?

Because the acquisition process is a fairly linear and structured process in which you will not master one phase well if you do not master the previous one. Example: You only have a good negotiating position if your negotiating partner is convinced of the value your proposal brings. However, this is only the case if you have responded well to their interests and needs – also as a person – during the argumentation phase. This, in turn, is only possible if you know their interests.
How do you do that? By asking good questions, listening well and getting honest answers. You will only get them if you succeed in authentically connecting with your counterpart. After you have awakened the first interest and are interested in the person you are talking to. How do you do that? Through a smart first approach and a good elevator pitch…. As you can see, everything is somehow connected and will therefore be worked on by you together with me in the 8-week implementation program. Step by step.

Get fast help: Coaching packages for social enterprises & impact business

Coaching Package 1
Elevator Pitch: the Value Proposition

You want to be able to interest your counterpart in your good cause in the shortest possible time? Do you need an Elevator Pitch or want to revise your existing one?

Coaching package 2
First approach: ethical cold calling

You want to address potential business customers or partners without being pushy?

Coaching Package 3
Benefit Argumentation

You want to give your counterparts the chance to convince themselves of your great plan. But what are the right arguments for them?

Coaching Package 4
Selection of Sales & BusDev Experts

You are looking for employees to do the acquisition of business clients and partners? The applications are now trickling in and you suddenly realize how difficult it is to make such an important and expensive selection for your impact business? Who is a “good” sales or business development rep, which questions to ask and which warning signals to recognize – you will learn here!

Coaching Package 5
(Multi-) Stakeholder Management

There seems to be a lot of interest in your good cause, but now the decision is dragging, it’s not moving forward. Are you sure that your are talking to the right people, or have you overlooked stakeholders who need to be involved? How do you approach them?

Coaching Package 6
Scaling Business & Impact

You want to scale your business and your impact? Do you want to scale your impact, but not necessarily your organization? For a good overview of the many ways to scale, check out this coaching package – get me as your sparring partner for your scaling strategy!

“Since I am an absolute beginner when it comes to sales, Andrea took me by the hand very well to give me a sound understanding of the subject matter in all its dimensions.”

Sindy Schlosser

sira Kinderbetreuung gGmbH

“Andrea’s implementation program gave me a great overview of the different stages of a sales cycle. I gained more confidence because Andrea took a lot of time to coach real sales situations with us, going into detail and showing a variety of possible solutions.”

Isabell Theodoridou

“Andrea makes the topics of acquisition & sales a real pleasure – professional, structured and motivating! “

Ines Avenarius

Futurepreneur e.V