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I’m Andrea Mörike and I’ll help you scale your social business!

My mission: to make your social enterprise successful while scaling your impact.

For years I have been focusing on making social entrepreneurs, impact business employees and #changemakers successful and supporting you with what I do best: Selling ethically. Acquiring Partners or Investors. Scaling Impact. I am convinced that revenue is the best way of financing your busines: Good Sales = Good impact!

I burn for the support of social enterprises because I wish for a world in which everyone gets the chance to be a #Changemaker contributing actively to a more sustainable life on this planet. More sustainable in the ecological, economic and social sense.

What do I do and what’s in for you

Sales and acquisition are not your core competence? Then I can support you in making your impact business more successful by systematically and efficiently using your limited time to win other organizations for your good cause: Whether business clients, partners, investors, sponsors, or institutional funders, I support you through training, coaching and workshops to conquer others for your good cause. Based on my 20+ years of experience combined with further education in the field of social innovation and social enterprises, I have designed the innovative implementation program Sales4Good, an interactive online training around the topic of ethical sales, where you can immediately start to implement your current sales or acquisition projects. In addition, I offer a series of free and paid sessions and services around your sales and acquisition everyday life and to scale the impact of your social business. For all offers there are many useful tools, such as templates and checklists.

What does that mean for you? “Relief”. (Participant in the Sales Deep Dive, Impact Hub Munich 2019)


Time saving




Better financing

Sleep better

More Impact


Why Ethical Sales and Ethical Acquisition

If we want to change the world and the economy, it is not only important what we do, but also how we do something. Especially in sales, which is full of manipulations and tricks.
We urgently need a paradigm shift here. 


To do this, we need to start with ourselves.How we sell is more important than ever, especially as a company with purpose. That’s why it’s essential to be guided by ethical principles, which I teach in concrete application when working with my clients:

The person is more important than the sale. Help them to make the best decision for their (and not your!) needs. Do honest sales & marketing. Tell the truth, don’t lie. Be transparent. Communicate clearly and don’t withhold information. Take responsibility. Contribute to the strengthening and continuous improvement of your industry. Integrity – deliver on explicit and implicit commitments. Do not discriminate. Do not build up artificial (time) pressure and do not create artificial scarcity, do not use manipulation tricks.

Do not collect data just like that, but only for the purpose of informing the interested parties about relevant and useful topics and give them the possibility to unsubscribe at any time. Do not talk bad about others (competitors, former employers, etc.). Be and behave like a real helper – through your products and services you help others – provided that they want your help!

I publicly commit myself to these ethical principles and I am part of the movement “The Ethical Move”.

In addition, I am personally guided by the following personal ethical principles:

I work only in the field of my expertise and offer only proven expertise. If I can’t do something, I will recommend colleagues. I treat my clients’ data and information confidentially. I provide my services only free of conflicts of interest. My clients and I remain mutually independent. Before the start of an assignment, we discuss openly and clearly the expectations and the services to be provided. At the beginning of an assignment, I spend sufficient time getting to know my clients’ needs and culture.

I continuously educate myself and attend at least two professionally relevant online courses or workshops per year, such as the Ashoka Visionary Program here on the right




Code of Good Practices


Mörike Consult supports the Code of Good Practice for Digitization Consulting and Coaching of Public Benefit Organizations and the principles stated therein. You can find out more about the guidelines at


My path from IT to social entrepreneurship

Already active as a volunteer since my studies and always searching for meaning in my industry, after 15 years in IT I attended a “changeover workshop” (today: “career workshop”) for a job with meaning at talents4good in 2015 and there I perceived the world of social enterprises for the first time. I am still very grateful to the founder of talents4good, Carola von Peinen, that she took me to an Ashoka event a year later, where I was able to participate in a workshop on “System Change” by Odin Mühlenbein, among other things. I was thrilled!

“Social entrepreneurs are not content just to give a fish or teach how to fish. They will not rest until they have revolutionized the fishing industry!” Bill Drayton, founder of Ashoka

Subsequently, the radical decision to leave my old job, to start my own social business, in order to dedicate myself entirely to supporting social enterprises, with my purpose of making the world a better place clearly in the foreground. Time and again, I thus work in pro bono consulting projects for Ashoka, e.g. in the so-called “Globalizer” program, an advisory process that aims to scale the impact of selected Ashoka Fellows and achieve system change. My pro bono but also my paying clients work across the board for the achievement of the Global Goals and so I also see myself as an indirect supporter of all Global Goals.

My pro bono but also my paying clients work crosswise for the achievement of the Global Goals and so I also see myself as an indirect supporter of all Global Goals.

We need strong networks and so as part of the Social Enterepreneurship Network Germany SEND e.V.from the end of 2018 I have the Regionalgruppe Bayern in life and was until my move to Italy in early 2020 their spokesperson. Since then, I support the colleagues from the background. During that time, my cooperation with SENA also came into being.

As a coach and trainer, I have supported the Social Impact Lab in Munich for many years in training people with migration and refugee backgrounds to become entrepreneurs and I am also an active contributing member of the Impact Hub Communities, first in Munich, now in Florence. With the Impact Hubs in Italy in 2022, I have managed to transfer the Ashoka Visionary program to the Mediterranean region. More info here.

I am also active in the ecosystem for future creators:inside Reflecta. Thanks to my contributions, I received a Changemaker Expert award from Reflecta. #working together.

The Global Goals for sustainable Development

My personal contribution to the global Goals

My personal project is to support my small agricultural community to move (even more) towards “Sustainable Municipality” – with a lot of co-creation. Here, too, I see my role as a bridge builder and enabler, i.e. as a partner to achieve the Global Sustainability Goals. I also actively support a number of social enterprises at the Fondazione di San Gennario in Naples.


My climate positive website hosting is done by IONOS.DE. The servers are located in Germany and are ISO 27001 certified.
I share documents with open source software For urgent messages I prefer to use Signal rather than Whatsapp, for my security sensitive clients who are fighting organized crime we use WIRE, which we also use for phone calls. Otherwise, I use a Fairphone 3, my German mobile provider is 1&1, which is climate-conscious, like IONOS, which is part of the group. My Italian number is operated by Telecom Italia, unfortunately the only one with reception here in the country, because the carbon footprint published on their website still has a lot of room for improvement, but at least they’ve stepped up to the plate.

As for the CO2 emissions of my website, the Website Carbon Calculator measures that it performs better than 83% of all websites, emitting 0.17 grams of CO2 per visit. Test for yourself!

My electricity, on the other hand, is green electricity from ENEL, or more precisely ENEL Green Power. That’s a pleasure, because I’ve already gotten to know the ENEL Foundation in innovative projects in co-creation with Ashoka. However, in winter I still contribute to the production of CO2 through gas heating, at 273 kg/month To compensate for this, I have trees planted by people who have lost their livelihoods due to climate change and who, thanks to this activity, can now feed their families again without having to migrate. This is offered by Treedom, a social enterprise from Florence. Currently, all “my” trees compensate 665 kg of CO2 per day, according to Treedom. From the winter of 2023/24, my Co2 emissions will be reduced enormously, because then I will switch to photovoltaics. Due to supplier difficulties we did not manage to switch to photovoltaics in time for the winter of 2022, so we will move to Naples for wintering from November in a small apartment whose water is heated directly by the sun (solar panels) and whose rooms are heated indirectly by the sun (sunshine) and if heating is required, then by air conditioning with green electricity from ènostra!

In addition, I have publicly committed to reducing or eliminating business air travel and use my eBike as often as possible to get around locally.
Weniger Flüge. Loving the Atmosphere