Best by email:

andrea AT sales4good DOT org

Or in person?

Or in person? Then come by the Impact Hub in Florence (but please contact me beforehand so that I’m sure to be there).

By phone:

To avoid spam calls, I encrypt my phone numbers here and you need some maths to decode them: Subtract 1 from each digit and you will get the correct phone number! Germany: 284 – 4216771 Italy: 458 – 293 215(10) (=> to get the last correct digit you have to subtract 1 from the 10!)

You have a specific request and you wonder if I can help you?

In order for me to be able to help you quickly and effectively, I need some background on you, for example, what good cause you are committed to, what is currently bothering you as a team and what you might need right now. Then I invite you to a short orientation meeting within 1-2 working days, in which I ask you further questions and together we find out whether and how I can help you.

I promise you it won’t be a sales pitch! If I feel that I can’t offer you anything suitable, I will recommend someone from my network

You can then choose a free 30-minute slot in my diary. I look forward to talking to you!