Good to have you here! New here?

On this page I have compiled many resources and ideas to help you make the acquisition for your good cause more enjoyable, successful, ethical and efficient. To help you find what you are looking for, and to get on the road together to scale your business and impact, I’ll give you a brief overview here for your better orientation.

What are your challenges?

I am guessing you’ve landed here because you work in a social enterprise and are trying to get a “yes” on something that’s important to your good cause, like getting another organization to be a customer, partner or sponsor, or getting a project approved. Your day-to-day focus is on your core activity: your commitment to a good cause, to solving a social problem.

Most other things, like selling your products, services, projects, or solutions, acquiring new business customers, partners or even investors or institutional funders, are not necessarily your core competence, but are rather perceived by you as unpleasant, time-consuming and difficult, maybe even unethical. And yet, it is enormously important for your social business to be successful in acquisition of other organizations. Or maybe you even enjoy selling, but you don’t have that much experience yet, the commitments from potential customers are delayed or conversations come to nothing, even though you have already invested a lot of time and effort in an acquisition project.

How I help you immediately

Impulses & Tips

Get regular inspiration, tips and up-to-date information on all aspects of acquisition and sales as well as scaling impact and business for social enterprises and purpose business.

Orientation meeting

A personal video conversation about your current challenge with initial assistance – for free.

Sales ABC

Have a browse through the “dictionary” from the world of Ethical Sales and Acquisition? Or simply look up a term? Find synonyms?

Get into action. Get started. Try it out. Learn. Implement


One-hour group sessions free of charge, with hands-on input, interaction, and space for individual questions – including yours!

Free of charge? Effective!

To call downloads or your participation in the workshops “free” would be misleading, because you pay with your email address and the permission to send you content-relevant emails (no advertising!) from time to time. While at the same time, you indirectly contribute to the support of a social business – for every new email address I donate 2 Euro to an innovative social business!


eBooks, worksheets, and checklists – and a Quick Help every month in return for planting a tree.

What you should do next

My tip: Sign up for the next get-to-know workshop, where you will learn how your Social Business colleagues go about successfully acquiring business clients, partners, or investors/funders. In which you get to know me and get a first vivid impression of my approach. In which you will learn the most important mistakes to avoid in acquisition and how to integrate acquisition into your daily life.

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