Implementation Programme

Make your impact business successful with a simple system and a step-by-step process!

Based on the Sales4Good system of ethical sales, developed on purpose for social enterprises and impact business, we will work on 7 essential steps during 8 weeks. With empathy, emotion and fun and your homework of implementation we build the foundations for your next big success – whether you want to win business clients, enter into a new partnership, get approval for a project or get impact investors on board.Our approach is based on the principles of value-based and ethical sales, as we urgently need a paradigm shift in marketing and sales for a more sustainable economy! Let’s rethink sales so that it brings value to everyone! #unfucksales!

Nothing happens without implementation, so let’s move your social business forward together now!

Understanding the basics is important – being guided through the complete acquisition cycle, from the first contact to the negotiation and learning the most important things, getting lots of practical tips, checklists and tools for everyday life. However, it is at least as important that you get into action! Therefore, in the implementation programme you will work on at least 2 concrete acquisition opportunities from your everyday life, so that visible progress will already be made during the eight weeks.

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The 8 modules and what you will learn

Module 1 + 2
The Foundation

You learn the basics of communication, discover your inner sales motivation and learn the difference between the dominant sales paradigm and an ethical sales approach.

Modul 3
awake interest

You learn how to stimulate the interest of your counterpart in an initial interview removing potential obstacles to the next step.

Modul 4

Module 4 – Qualification You learn how to find the real opportunities instead of running after the false ones and you learn to find out the interests of your counterpart.

Modul 5
Decision coaching

You learn how to help your interlocutor to make the best decision by focusing on the individual benefit of the solution(s) for your counterpart without using unethical argumentation manipulations.

Module 6
Stakeholder Analysis

Are you talking to the right people? If not, how do you get in touch with them? If yes, do you talk to them properly? What other stakeholders are involved in the decision-making process? Who else do you need to involve? How do you approach them? Find answers in this module.

Module 7
Opportunity Analysis

What are your chances of getting a contract sigend? When the going gets tough: Which of the 4 possible strategies is the right one for you? After this module, you will see at a glance where you stand and what you may have overlooked thanks to a checklist.

Module 8
Negotiation & Closing

You will learn the principles of ethical negotiation and learn to expose unethical negotiation tricks in order not to fall for them.

Want to hit the ground running? Want to get right into implementation and move your social business forward?

Then I look forward to working with you over 8 weeks to make your acquisition process efficient, ethical and human – centric.”

Your gains from
the Sales4Good programm


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Direct Impact

What do our clients say
about the Sale4Good programme?

New Work needs Inner Work

“The implementation programme “Sales4Good” has helped me personally a lot by showing me where I stand in terms of acquisition, where I have strengths and where my skills can still be developed. Practising on concrete situations in everyday work immediately had a positive effect. Overall, the online programme gave me an inner structure for the entire sales process. Through her combination of theoretical background and practical experience, Andrea Mörike convinced and inspired me as a seminar leader!”

Monika Horsters, Impact Hub Dresden

Faster. More Success!

“For us at Impact Hub Berlin, the programme had several positive effects: We took a close look at our existing sales/biz dev structures and identified what is already working well and what needs to be improved. We have redistributed roles more efficiently and provided the relevant people in the team with useful methods. And we have brought many negotiations to a quicker and less tense conclusion. It was particularly helpful to learn when and how to stop negotiations when, in order to have more time for promising leads. Andrea was particularly convincing due to the individual focus on our needs, the proactive support and the content tailored to our sector”.


Leon Reiner, Co-Founder Impact Hub Berlin

It´s in the mix!

“Andrea skilfully and succinctly mixes informative content with interactive parts that work wonderfully remotely using the right tools. She challenges and encourages to the right extent, so that you get right into practising.”

Laura Holl, Impact Hub Stuttgart

We have become more confident!

“Your implementation program has done our team good! We have become more confident and have gained an even better sense of the individual steps in the acquisition process – because sales in our SocEnt and social innovation context is not simply selling, it is much more about substantial and trusting relationship building, which – as in any company – must naturally bear fruit.”

Ulrike Trenz, Co-founder Impact Hub Ruhrgebiet

The Acquisition for Good Cause
Implementation Programme


8 weeks online coaching & training programme (zoom conference, 2,5 hours each). The implementation steps push your impact business and your implementation makes you achieve your goals as quickly as possible. The recording is available for at least 1 year.


Live group coaching 2 times per month (video conference, approx. 60-90 minutes), for questions that arise during implementation. Recording available afterwards as video or audio.


Small Groups – Room for Questions:There are at least 4, but a maximum of 8 participants in each course, so that there is enough room for all questions


Tools such as checklists, templates in electronic format to support the implementation of what you have learned, to easily apply in everyday life. This gives you confidence in your daily business


Resource list like book recommendations, articles, software, etc.


1 year of free support in a closed social media group so that none of your questions remains unanswered during your implementation.


Bonus: 12 months free access to live group coaching calls.

Satisfaction Guarantee: if after 90 days of participation, coaching & implementation you have not made progress and are not satisfied, you will receive a refund from me! Prerequisite: you participate and implement what you have learned!

Join now and
scale your social business
and impact!

Would you like access to the private Sales4Good group and
your login details for the next 8-week implementation programme?

Participation fee

€ 1,350 plus VAT.

Any questions?

What is the Sales4Good Online Implementation Programme?

The Sales4Good Implementation Programme is a regluar 8-week online coaching & training including online group coaching sessions to make your social business successful with effective methods and approaches in sales and in the acquisition of partners, investors and institutional funders. In the weekly, two-and-a-half-hour online sessions, you will receive theoretical input and exercises, templates or frameworks that will take you step by step to your goal and make it easier for you to implement what you have learned. All modules are interactive and designed in such a way that the theoretical part is kept as small as possible and you can quickly get down to the implementation and thus also produce concrete results straight away.

How long does the implementation programme last?

The coaching & training takes place over 8 weeks. Every week a two and a half hour online session. For each module there is a small preparatory task and then it’s time to implement what you have learned!

How much time per week does the implementation programme take?

You should plan about 4-5 hours per week to work through the training content: 2,5 hours in the programme plus 1-2 hours of follow-up/implementation plus 1-2 hours every second week if you want to participate in the online group coaching included in the programm fee.

On which days are the group coaching sessions?

The online group coaching sessions take place twice a month on a different day of the week than the online sessions. The gourp coaching sessions are open to all programme participants, not only for your cohort and they are free of charge for one year! All sessions are recorded and are available in a protected cloud area. You can ask all your questions during the sessions. The dates are published regularly and sent to all participants. If something should change in exceptional cases, you will receive a message in time. For further questions, you can always use the closed social media group of the Sales4Good implementation programme and I will answer as soon as possible.

What happens if I cannot attend an appointment?

All training sessions and group coaching sessions are recorded and accessible to all participants. So you will not miss any of the coaching or training sessions.

What can I do if I have more questions?

If you have questions during the implementation programme, you can ask them in the group coaching sessions or at any other time in the closed social media group. I am in the group myself and can help at any time. I hope I was able to answer all your questions here. If you still have further questions about the implementation programme before you sign up, simply send a message via the contact form with the subject “implementation programme” so that everything is clear before you make a decision.

How much do I need to invest to be part of the programm?

Participation fee € 1,350 plus VAT.

Are you still not sure, if the programme can help you?
Then click here to arrange a personal orientation meeting with me.