My gifts will help you make the acquisition process easier, faster and more enjoyable. The emails that go with some of the downloads, which you will receive contextually, will help you get into action – and not just sit on a pile of unread PDFs.

Checklists, e-books, worksheets & articles created for you

The 10 most common mistakes and the 10 most important tips for your Sales4Good

Compiled and commented in an eBook – practical, clear and fundamental.

The Sales4Good Checklist

Get your free checklist for your acquisition of business customers, partners, investors or funders! Make your social enterprise grow and do even more good!

Your download with impact: 2€ donated per email address

For each email address I donate 2€ to an innovative project from the area of the 17 Sustainability Goals. In 2023, the collected amount of the emails will go to Futurepreneur e.V. Futurepreneur promotes young changemakers for a society full of energy and entrepreneurial spirit. For a while I had the honor to accompany the founder Kerstin Heuer and to get to know her great project. I donate the amount once a year to Futurepreneur and you are welcome to donate as well.

The Ethical Acquisition Planning Sheet

A helpful worksheet from Module 2 of the GoodCauseAcquisition Implementation Program “Generating Interest”. Plan which target group you will address and how to do that. With creative and practical examples

Inspiration and further food for thoughts

In my blog you will find new methods, get deeper into the social and impact business relevant topics of social innovation, ethical sales, acquisition for the good cause as well as (impact) scaling of social enterprises. I hope that after reading this, you will have as much fun acquiring partners and business clients as I do!

Quick help? Given!

Every month I give away one of my coaching packages worth up to 500 €. Pick one of the packages on the “Quick Help” page and apply.

Apply by protecting at least 1 square meter of rainforest, for example with a donation to Rettet den Regenwald e.V.or by “dedicating” a tree to me online at Treedom and thereby not only planting trees, but at the same time helping farmers who have lost their livelihood due to climate change. If you are among the chosen ones, I also ask you for the possibility that we record a short video with you on “before/after”, which I may publish on my blog and possibly in a newsletter or on social media, so others can learn from it, too. By the way, this also spreads the word about your good cause…

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