Get-to-Know Session

Aim of this session: clarity about the path to success

What is acquisition? What is sales? Isn’t sales unethical? How does it work and do I have the talent to do it? Or would I be better off hiring sales experts and delegating this uncomfortable and time-consuming task? Is a course on price negotiation enough for me? These and other questions you have asked in advance show how uncertain and unclear the path to success in acquisition and sales seems to be. My goal is to create clarity here.

In this one-hour online session you will learn how other social entrepreneurs scale their impact business sustainably through structured acquisition of business clients, partners, funders or investors and how you can do the same!

What you learn in this session

Duration: 1 hour
Place: Zoom
Costs: Free participation
Group size: 20 people max.

What you learn in this session

  • Why acquisition is a matter for the leaders.
  • How to incorporate acquisition into your everyday life.
  • What are the top 7 mistakes you should avoid, as they cost you a lot of time, energy and money.
  • What ethical sales means and why it is so important for social enterprises and sustainability of your impact business

Participants’ comments:

Valuable strategies & practical tips for social enterprises!

You fully met my expectations: Overview of your approach to acquisition and sales, getting to know you and your method. What I particularly liked about your recipe for success was the combination of the right attitude, but also very concrete do’s and don’ts. Totally practical for everyday life. And I was impressed by how quickly you had helpful tips ready for the most diverse questions. The follow-up is also top-notch. The materials you provided are great for further work!

Alexandra Werdes, tofte-eis, Zoom Session April 2020

Anonymous Online-Feedback after the session. Answer to the question: “What did you particularly like about this online session?”

Session well presented, complex content easy to understand, empathic to the obstacles and needs of us “people doing good”, room for questions, actionable useful answers, time for individual questions after the end of the session.
Lots of time for individual questions and especially your passion and willingness to help have inspired me! The time limit – a crisp 60 minutes and the focus is back!
Good mix of expert input and concrete examples from the participants. One can feel that Andrea is really passionate about the topic, which makes the ethical sales very authentic. She practically demonstrates in the session what she theoretically advises the participants.
Appealing, determined and practical. Participants were always included. Contents were well conveyed. Sheets and drawings helped to communicate the content. Pleasant voice and calm presentation were also important.
That it was interactive. You asked questions and the participants were active and engaged! That was great!
Interactivit. Basics are taught well; everything seems very honest, friendly and relatable; bullet point info, checklists, etc. are very clear! Great material afterwards – thank you very much!
It was clearly more than a rough overview and questions were answered directly. Andrea manages to pick up on topics and address them, and she is doing well in connecting participants with each other.