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Everything about prices

Once and again the question comes up: what is the right price for our performance(s) products, services? Social enterprises want to achieve a positive impact, profit is not the first priority. At the same time, founders* and employees* of impact companies also deserve a market salary and should stop exploiting themselves. How does this affect pricing? How do you get to fair prices? Is there even a magic formula?

More about the session

Duration: 90 minutes
Location: Zoom
Cost: no financial cost for social & impact companies; 150 € (incl. VAT) for participants from profit companies.
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What you will learn in this session

In this interactive Online-Session you will get a short introduction to the topic of Pricing Policy from the perspective of social and impact enterprises. You will also receive tips and tools for determining prices. We will then address your questions, e.g. the widespread “fear of high prices”, the question of price transparency in ethical sales and the most important do’s and don’ts when negotiating prices with business customers or business partners.

After the session, every registered participant will receive a practical checklist for everyday use. Based on what you have learned, the templates provided in the workshop and the checklist, you can then work out your price list or the basics for your next price negotiation. If you would like feedback on this, you can apply for a free, individual review session with me – take a look at “Gifts“.

Votes from participants

“Quality and innovation have their price – while at the same time remaining ethical and human – the perfect approach for me and my company! Thank you dear Andrea for this added value!”

Sandra Leist

“Prices are quickly determined – whether calculated precisely or estimated roughly. However, when you have to quote the price in the first customer meeting, you quickly get into a spin – are we outrageously expensive? Or are we too cheap and making a loss? Andrea’s workshop helped me a lot to find a good approach for a pricing strategy and to determine the value of the work or product.

Boris Bortchen, Dialoghaus Hamburg

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